HAILING FROM: Mission Viejo, CA.


HOBBIES: Martial Arts, Surfing, Yoga

ABOUT: Born December 1st, 1989 in Newport Beach, California, Hunter grew up doing activities like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes! In high school he was also on the surf team and swim team, where he continued to exceed as a competitive athlete. It was during his junior year of high school when he was introduced to martial arts and has been hooked every since. In 2010, Hunter met Andre at LA Boxing and began his boxing journey from there. Hunter is a very dynamic individual as he pursued his career as a cop throughout his 20’s. He loved the adrenaline rush he got being out in the field, a very similar feeling to being inside the ring. It was until this year that he had a major inner shift, he realized that he wanted to make his passion his career! Hunter made a big change by retiring his cop hat and putting on his boxing gloves full time. Yes, he is officially pursuing his career in the fitness industry and couldn’t be more excited for his future with the BOXHAUS family.