Danni Boz

HAILING FROM: The Land Down Under!! (that’s Australia mate)

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Horse, cause they run wild and free

HOBBIES: Dancing, roller-skating, and lifting weights at the gym.

ABOUT: Born in Australia, Danni started dance classes at the young age of 2 and hasn’t stopped movin’ and groovin’ since. She first discovered her love for boxing in 2007, when she was training and preparing for her first bodybuilding competition in Sydney, Australia. Her personal trainer was an old timer boxing coach, so introduced her to this new fun form of total body cardio and she was hooked!

Since then, she has competed in 9 natural bodybuilding competitions in Oz and the US and earned herself two pro cards.

In 2011, she packed up her life in Australia, said bye to all her family and friends, and moved to New York City where she worked full time in IT Risk Consulting and still does to this day, however, now located in the much warmer city of Los Angeles. Danni is known as the Energizer Bunny and her infectious non-stop energy in class will have you feeling powered up for the whole day! If you want a fun sweat check with a little dancing on the side, get into one of her classes at Long Beach or Brentwood!