HAILING FROM: Orange County


HOBBIES: Hugs & Punches

ABOUT: Andre has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and he’s been Boxing for even longer. He stays in the limelight of Orange County, aligning with the cities heaviest “hitters”. Andre feels keeping a strong presence with his clients helps him remain current with the needs of our community. Speaking of ” Needs;” over the past few years there’s been a giant boom in the boxing industry and what better way to connect with his community then by bringing BOXHAUS to the heart of Newport Beach. Just as a boxer chooses their trainer carefully, Andre was in search of the perfect business partner. A few coffee dates & punches later, Andre was soon in business with Vanessa. The perfect combination (no pun intended lol)! You’ll find Andre teaching BOXHAUS classes and private training daily & on other days he’s sparring and staying active within the boxing community. He plays his newest role with love and ease, being a daddy to his new baby girl Alaina Rose!